Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Accounting for Construction

New Book on Industry Statistics and Measurement

This new addition to the construction industry economics library covers a wide range of interesting topics. The editors' Preface explains "This book is the second in a series that explores a range of topics related to construction projects, firms and the industry as a whole, at both the national and intenational levels. The first in the series, Measuring Construction explored matters related to measuring industry output, productivity and costs/prices; in this second volume the scope broadens to include several chapters on construction in national accounts as well as presenting further thoughts on industry comparisons, construction productivity assessment and a range of other inter-related topics"

Accounting for Construction follows on from Measuring Construction, edited by the same team. It extends the coverage of some of the material in the first volume and expands the range of related topics to include, inter alia, shadow economies, accounting for informal construction and the treatment of the built environment sector in national accounts.

Taken together, the two volumes collate a range of topics that are only addressed, if addressed at all, in occasional academic papers and the publications of bodies such as national statistical offices and the World Bank. Accounting for Construction presents international examples from the UK, Australia and New Zealand and from both academic and professional contributors.

This book is essential reading for all researchers and professionals interested in construction economics, construction management, and anyone interested in how the construction industry affects the global economy in ways previously under-represented in the literature



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