Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A Macro View of Australian Property and Construction 2018

This year I got to do a class on the Commonwealth Government's 2018-19 Budget in the context of the state of play for Australia's construction and property industries. This is a top-down overview, the budget is like an annual scorecard of current economic performance, so all the data is at a national level and follows the budget focus on the ongoing transition from the end of mining boom two in 2012. The lecture looked at the macroeconomic role of increased government spending on infrastructure and the change in roles of residential building and non-residential construction in the business cycle. The slides from the lecture follow, PDF here, the idea is to let the data tell the story. I also do a class that goes through the Budget aggregates in their macroeconomic context, with a bit of history, the PDF of Budget 2018 - A Macro View is here.

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