Friday, 15 July 2016

Construction Productivity Bibliography 2016

Over the years I've done a few papers on construction productivity, most recently a book chapter in 2015. This bibliography started as their combined reference lists, which for the book chapter needed updating. After adding some more recent publications this is now the 2016 update.

The bibliography is extensive, with over 200 references, most journal articles, but not exhaustive. In particular, there is no attempt to collect all the work sampling literature, which is vast. There are dozens, probably hundreds and possibly thousands of conference papers and the like on 'productivity of bricklayers in country X' or similar. These are not included, but many journal articles across several decades on craft and project productivity are.

The basic criteria for inclusion is the focus on construction productivity, although multi-industry and multi-country studies are also listed. That means relevant and related research, for example on innovation and R&D, capital expenditure, or skill formation and training, is not included. Most entries have the words 'construction productivity, in their title. That is somewhat restrictive, but helps keep it manageable.

 The intention is to try a keep this reasonably current, and notice of a new update will be posted when ready. Any worthwhile additional references that readers email me will be added. 

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