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I was co-editor with Rick Best of the three volume Building in Value series of books, published between 1999 and 2003: Pre-design Issues; Design and Construction; and Workplace Strategies and Facilities Management, the last also with Craig Langston.These comprehensively covered the process of creating, delivering, financing and managing building projects, also the use and maintenance of buildings after completion. I contributed to Rick and Jim Meikle's (eds.) books Measuring Construction: Prices, Output and Productivity in 2014 and their 2019 Accounting for Construction: Frameworks, Productivity, Cost and Performance.

In 2012 my Modern Construction Economics: Theory and Application was published by Taylor & Francis
A full list of publications is here. Many can be downloaded from my ResearchGate page here or my Google Scholar page here. 

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Construction Economics focuses on issues around the measurement, structure and performance of the building and construction industry, and its associated sectors in the manufacturing, professional services and materials industries. There is an international group of academics researching these issues, and over the last ten years a series of edited books have been produced as the field has developed:

·     In 2008 Les Ruddock (Salford University) was editor of Economics for the Modern Built Environment, published by Taylor & Francis. My contribution was a chapter with Goran Runeson.
·     In 2011 I was editor of Modern Construction Economics, published by Taylor & Francis, and contributed three chapters.
·     In 2015 Rick Best (Bond University) and Jim Miekle (UCL) were editors of Measuring Construction: Prices, output and productivity, published by Taylor & Francis. My contribution was a chapter with Malcolm Abbott.
·     In 2019 Volume 2 of Accounting for Construction: Frameworks, Productivity, Cost and Performance, again edited by Rick Best and Jim Miekle, was published by Routledge. I have contributed two chapters to this book.